Just Paved- when can we walk / drive on the new asphalt?

Can walk on asphalt after 12 hours- no heels.  Auto traffic 48-72 hours.

How do we keep it looking beautiful?

For the first season, you will want to avoid long term parking (24+ hours), especially if it is in the sun on a hot day.
Avoid stationary turning of tires and items of high pounds of pressure per square inch such as a trailer jack.
Fill cracks that are ¼” or greater. Cracks smaller than ¼” will not accept material.

I spilled gas on asphalt, what can I do?

Kitty litter or quick dry.  You want to soak up the oils as much as possible. Do NOT use soap.

DRS is coming to pave the driveway tomorrow, what can be done in preparation?

If the asphalt is going up to a garage door, make sure the door is open.  The rollers will need water, although we carry a water truck, it is much easier to use spigot nearby.

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