Our driveway was a crumbling mess and they turned it into a really nice finished product.  We are very happy with the results.Krystal was, and continues to be, easy to contact and flexible with the one change we made (we decided to widen our driveway by 2 feet after the initial estimate), and the crew was really friendly and FAST.  They came the first day to strip the old asphalt out and prep for the new asphalt and then the next day they were here putting the new asphalt in.
As far as finishing touches, the wider driveway looks great and they were able to fix the grade a little bit (we have an annoying sloping front yard).  I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to bring the asphalt up to the walkway up to our house, which ties it altogether seamlessly. (see “After 1.jpg”).  They also fixed the bottom edge of the carport so that it’s easier to get in/out without creating divots in that corner of the yard, and widened a little bit of the apron to make more room.Overall, they were very efficient and were here when they said they would be (almost to the minute!).  They worked quickly and cleaned up all the mess.  Also, I had the foreman’s number throughout the project and he was easy to reach with the couple questions I had.  We have done a lot of home improvement projects and this, by far, was the quickest and easiest job we have done.  I am sure they will do good work for you as well!
Hope this helps!  I am happy to answer any other questions you may have.
Enjoy your new asphalt!

From start to finish I was impressed with the response, attention to detail, and professionalism of the DRS team. Most important of all, the driveway looked great in the end. I would definitely recommend them!

Jesse A

Excellent experience

We received an excellent price quote. Entire driveway needed replacement in addition to some decorative stamping/coloring for small sidewalk area. The project was scheduled for May of 2016, however because of the extended warm weather this fall, it was able to be completed in November.

They did an excellent job of removal of old and preparing the base. Our lot is heavily wooded..and they were able to work around large trees.

Their work crew came right on time..preparing and placing all the equipment. The hot asphalt arrived on time..and in a short time the job was finished. Their work crew cleaned the street..and even assisted the garbage and recycle trucks as they stopped by at same time all this was happening.

Josh stayed back after everyone left to roll the driveway again…and be sure everything was finished properly. Their follow up to detail was excellent. They even returned to check on driveway and follow up on detail.

Krystal was very good at returning calls and answering questions. This was a good contractor experience, we will use them again, and will certainly recommend them too.

Dale and Betty O