Wisconsin Asphalt Mixing Production:
For more than two decades, DRS LTD has been operating as a wholesale asphalt manufacturer and supplier to many municipalities as well as local paving contractors. Regularly serving the Madison area and its surrounding communities, our plant is located at 7154 Highway 14

The finished texture of asphalt is directly related to the composition of its mixture. DRS assures quality and consistent mixtures because of our computerized asphalt batching system. This system allows us to electronically control the amount of each element that is used to make specialized mixes for specific projects. It has also allowed us to produce performance cold mix, regular, porous, and our patented rubberized asphalt mixtures. The main comparison between different mix designs relates to the varying quantities of sand, stone and liquid asphalt. A mixture with a high sand content will appear very uniform, having few if any large rocks showing. While this may be visually appealing, the larger rocks are usually necessary to add strength to the mix.

Many people think all asphalt is the same. Regular hot asphalt mixes generally consist of assorted stone sizes, sand, liquid asphalt and a few other small elements. On our contract we will refer to “premium” hot asphalt; which simply means there is no special additives, unique features, or adjusted stone size. Our premium mix mainly comprised of virgin materials, which is a higher quality grade than those that are made with large amount of recycled asphalt and/or recycled shingles.

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We are proud to call ourselves a leader in our industry with the capability to manufacture a US patented asphalt mix. Rubberized asphalt simply takes our ‘regular mix’ and adds a combination of recycled rubber and polyester fibers. This mix has proven to be much more durable in withstanding our harsh Wisconsin winters. We are so confident in this long lasting asphalt mix, that we offer a three-year warranty against asphalt failure. A few of the major advantages of Rubberized Asphalt include:

    • Three year warranty
    • Less susceptible to cracking
    • Environmentally friendly (recycles old tires)
    • Adheres better to previous surface (especially on overlays)

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This mix is generally only used on larger project where 2 separate layers of hot asphalt would be applied. The ‘binder’ mix has a very similar composition to a ‘regular’ mix, but has less liquid asphalt and potentially more recycled asphalt grounds. This mixture generally has less durability as a surface product and is only used if a layer of a ‘regular’ our ‘rubberized’ mix will be paved over it. Although the larger rocks in the binder material do help to add strength, they are somewhat less appealing esthetically. This is why a surface course containing slightly smaller stone is generally placed over the top of the binder course.

This is another hot mixture, but it is produced with little to no sand or fine material in the mix. When paved over a specially design base, a ‘porous’ mixture will contain open voids on the surface and throughout the mix. Instead of rain water traveling along the surface to a designated drainage area; water can pass through the surface to a recharge bed of coarse stone, where it can enter the ground naturally.

This mix is designed to be used for patching purposes, when hot-mix asphalt is unavailable or not the best solution. This mixture can be used at any time during the year, however more commonly used during the winter months when hot mix production is not possible. Cold mix in general costs more to produce due to a larger amount of liquid asphalt and other additions necessary to achieve the desired properties. However, long term it usually results in a cost savings because there is no expiration date on cold mix; you can simply leave it in a pile until you are ready to use it.

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