Find Good Paving Employees To Get Through The Season

Two years ago, Krystal Strassman of DRS Paving and Asphalt Reheat Systems, Fitchburg, Wis., was looking for new employees. A local radio station was having a drive-by job fair where they’d be handing out 2,000 bags of application materials for job openings in the community. So, Strassman signed DRS Paving up. “I only got one […]

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NARI of Madison

Local Disabled Veteran Gets New Driveway

Local Disabled Veteran Gets New Driveway WJJO – Randy Hawke’s Radiothon and DRS Asphalt Paving make it happen (MADISON) A Madison-Area veteran will find it easier to get in and out of his home thanks to DRS Asphalt Paving, Providence Home Lending and Randy Hawke’s Radiothon for Veterans. This spring, U.S. Army Veteran Eric Ramsey […]

Crumb Rubber Use in Asphalt: New Technology Developments

Scrap Tire News recently sat down with Redmond Clark PhD, Asphalt Plus LLC, to talk about the use of crumb rubber in asphalt pavement in the U.S.

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Madison Home Expo

DRS has a booth “60F” at the Madison Home Expo. January 9-11, 2015

How To Pave An Asphalt Driveway

How To Pave An Asphalt Driveway is featured in the latest Home Remodeler Blog

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DRS featured again on

Need A New Driveway?

The combination of a rough winter and rainy spring has left many homeowners with driveway problems. If you’ve been thinking about a new driveway, check out this video from the Today’s Home Remodeler TV series. In it, the professionals from DRS Asphalt Paving show us how to pave a new asphalt driveway.

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