DRS LTD has offered snow removal services to the Madison area for over 40 years. We currently offer commercial snow plowing and hauling services during the winter months to limited areas of Madison.

To ensure consistent, quality service during bad weather we only serve the downtown, south and west areas of Madison, WI. We provide a fully insured, large scale snow removal service, which includes:
  • Truck plowing of large drives & parking lots
  • Skid-steers for sidewalk & small lots
  • Hauling and removal of piled snow
  • Salting of parking lots, sidewalks & entranceways

During a typical snow fall, the plowing of all businesses will be completed by 7 AM. At apartment complexes, plowing will be done once before 7 AM and again after 9 AM to clean out parking stalls.

Heavy snow falls that occur over long periods of time, with significant accumulation may require more than one visit.

These situations may require additional charges, for more details in pricing please call 608-274-4932.