What is it?:
You may be wondering what stamped asphalt is. Well, it is exactly what it says; asphalt that has been stamped with a decorative design. It is also known as “StreetPrint” or pavement texturing. If your existing asphalt is in good condition or you have plans for a new construction, DRS LTD can create a wide variety textured patterns and color coatings for your project. Stamped asphalt can provide the wonderful, warm look of brick to your home or business at an affordable price.

Decorative Asphalt Paving Madison WI

How is it done?:
DRS LTD has been a stamped asphalt applicator since 1996. During that time we haves been one of the leading innovators of new application techniques. David Strassman, owner of DRS LTD, has lectured at national expositions regarding a reheating method to the stamping process. Originally, these decorative designs could only be printed into the asphalt was hot, right behind the paving crew. Out of necessity, Mr. Strassman developed a heater to reheat any cold/hard asphalt so a design may be stamped at anytime. This process has added greatly to the convenience of the stamping process. Now, everyone with good existing asphalt is able to experience the cosmetic beauty of brick at a fraction of the cost.

Maintenance required with a stamped asphalt surface it kept to minimum. No individual bricks need to be reset after a tough winter’s freeze-thaw cycles. You don’t have to worry about pulling weeds that grow through the cracks of a regular brick layout. The textured asphalt not only provides the convenience of a tough driving surface but will help water drain through the grout lines more rapidly, providing better traction in bad weather conditions.

Where can it be done?:
DRS LTD has done many commercial and residential stamped asphalt applications