The warranty period for all asphalt work shall be one (1) year on materials and workmanship, from the date of completion, unless otherwise specified. In all circumstances regarding the warranty of the new driveway please call DRS LTD at 608-274-4932. When emailing us please include a picture of the crack. This will help us better assist you. An associate will meet with you to examine the problem and discuss the repair possibilities. We will try to do everything that we can in order to make your driveway look as nice as possible and keep you satisfied with our service.

The most popular question that arises in our industry relates to the cracking that may develop in asphalt. Most cracks occur during the natural aging process, which consists of the hardening and shrinking of asphalt. Along with the freeze/thaw cycle Wisconsin endures.
Cracks that may develop along the open edges of asphalt can be limited, if not completely avoided. Properly backfilling with topsoil and seeding will help as well as not driving automobiles close to or over the edges of the new asphalt. This type of cracking can not be covered under our warranty, so it is up to the owner to carry out these precautions.

The warranty also covers failure to the asphalt surface which could occur due to a faulty mix or failure of the base. Premature failure, like excessive area cracking and crumbling of surface may be a poor asphalt mixture or base work. Warranty work would not covered if the base work was performed by another company. When paving over concrete, brick or an existing asphalt surface we are not responsible for the reproduction of cracks or expansion joints which may occur.

Our crews will be as courteous and careful as possible with equipment while on your property. If any damaged is notice we will contact you and address the issue promptly and correctly. If you notice damage our crews oversee please report to us a.s.a.p. to record and resolve.

DRS LTD will make the “One Call” to Diggers Hotline before any digging is done during the onsite prep services. It is their responsibility to properly mark all utility lines. Therefore, we are not held responsible for any damage done to unmarked underground wiring. Please notify sales consultant of all underground items in drive area (pet-fences, sprinkler lines, buried conduit, etc) and have them marked, as well as any other fragile items in area.

In all circumstances regarding the warranty of the new driveway please call DRS LTD at 608-274-4932 or email at

Asphalt Cracks